Sample Daily Meal Plans



Page 79:  1200-1400 calorie worksheet

Page 79:  1500-1700 calorie worksheet

Page 79:  1800-2000 calorie worksheet

Page 79:  2400-2500 calorie worksheet



Start-up Shopping List



·       Green tea

·        Vegetable juice cocktail such as Knudsen’s Very Veggie®





·        Avocado

·        Nuts such as almonds or almond butter, pecans, walnuts

·        Oils – Extra virgin olive oil, Super canola oil

·        Olives

·        Seeds such as flax, sesame or sunflower



Fruits – a variety of fresh or frozen fruits




Protein foods


Sea vegetables such as agar, hiziki, kombu, nori or wakame


Sweeteners –stevia, agave syrup


Vegetables – plenty of various vegetables, fresh or frozen including garlic and onions


Vegetable broth (organic preferred)



Cookbook Recommendations


Some cookbooks may contain recipes not completely compliant with the LOC diet, but they can be adapted to be in line with LOC recommendations. 



American Macrobiotic Cuisine                 Meredith McCarty

Apocalypse Chow                                     Jon Robertson with Robin Robertson

Banquet of Health                                     Penny B. Block

Book of Whole Meals                                Annemarie Colbin

The Cancer Survivor’s Guide                   Neal Barnard, MD & Jennifer Reilly, RD

Complete Vegetarian Kitchen                  Lorna Sass

Cooking the Whole Foods Way                Christina Pirello

Cooking with Japanese Foods                  Jan Belleme

Fresh from a Vegetarian Kitchen             Meredith McCarty

Gourmet Whole Foods                              Rachel Albert

Natural Foods Cookbook                         Mary Estella

The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook              Joanne Stepaniak

Moosewood Restaurant New Classics      The Moosewood Collective

One Bite at a Time                                    Rebecca Katz

Short-Cut Vegetarian                               Lorna Sass

Vegan Fusion World Cuisine                    Mark Reinfeld & Bo Rinaldi.

Vegan Gourmet                                        Susan Gieskopf-Hadler

Vegetables From The Sea                         Seibin & Teruko Arasaki



Consulting a Block Center Dietitian



The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment has a staff of Registered Dietians who have been trained in using the LOC nutritional program, and who work daily with our cancer patients.  Dietitians at the Block Center are available for in-person or telephone consultations.  They can counsel you about diet, food selections, menu planning, special dietary problems and use of the Block Center’s nutritional testing and supplement systems.  You can call the Center’s office at 847-492-3040, or see the Block Center website,, for information on visiting the center in person or initiating a phone consultation.  If you are able to visit the Center and stay during lunchtime, you may also attend one of the cooking classes that our dietitians hold 3 days a week to learn more recipes and tips for healthful cooking.