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Ask Dr. Block

Whey Protein

Question: I understand why dairy is not part of a cancer prevention diet. Can you explain why whey protein is okay?

Answer: Milk has two proteins: casein (approximately 80%) and whey (approximately 20%). Whey is the only dairy product we recommend at the Block Center. Casein has been found to increase inflammation in the body (we recommend an anti-inflammatory diet to all of our patients), and can deplete the immune system as well as glutathione production. Whey is the opposite: data suggests it has anti-inflammatory properties and can be immune-stimulating. Additionally, whey may provide an extra boost to the immune system by raising glutathione levels. We recommend using whey protein isolate, which is the purest form of whey. It comes in a powder, and should be labeled as “ultra-filtered” or “micro-filtered” to ensure that all traces of casein have been removed.