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Reviews of Life Over Cancer

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What the experts are saying:

“I believe in Keith’s program and would go to the Block Center if I were facing a diagnosis of cancer. It is where I have and will continue to send my friends and family members. Life Over Cancer is the program every cancer patient deserves in order to have the best chance for recovery and restoration of health.”

--Dr. Andrew Weil, from the foreward of Life Over Cancer

“I consider Dr. Block to be the guiding force in the world of integrative cancer treatment. This book is his life-giving gift to cancer patients everywhere.”

--Robert Newman, Ph.D., Professor of Experimental Therapeutics, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

“Keith Block, M.D. is the most prominent integrative cancer specialist in the United States. His new book, Life Over Cancer, is the manifesto of the movement for a kinder and more effective form of managing this terrible disease.”

--Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., Director, The Moss Reports

Life Over Cancer is a must-read for anyone combating this disease. It provides genuine hope, as well as the evidence, rationale, and instructions in how to live a healthier, fuller life with cancer, while providing a broader array of treatment options that improve qualify of life.”

--Nick Vogelzang, M.D., Director, Nevada Cancer Institute, Las Vegas, Professor of Medicine, University of Nevada School of Medicine

Life Over Cancer is the compilation of Dr. Block’s three decades of research and development of his optimal model of integrative cancer treatment. As Chief of Surgical Oncology from a major medical institution, I have sent many patients to the Block Center. They experienced less treatment toxicity, improved treatment response, better quality of life, and improved outcomes. In my opinion, Dr. Block’s clinic is unique and what I consider to be the top integrative oncology center in the US. It is where I would go if I was ever diagnosed with cancer.”

--N. Joseph Espat, M.D., Professor and Chief of Surgical Oncology, Roger Williams Medical Center

“Keith Block is a pioneer and leader in integrative cancer care and one of its premier practitioners. This clear, meticulously documented, practical book is a lifeline for anyone who has cancer. It should be required reading for all oncologists.”

--James S. Gordon, M.D., former chair, White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy; author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression

“Keith Block is one of the great pioneers of integrative oncology. This important book is essential reading for patients and health professionals alike. Block’s approach is indicative of much of the future of this critically important field of medicine.”

--Michael Lerner, Ph.D., President, Commonweal Cofounder, Commonweal Cancer Help Program

Life Over Cancer provides the reader with an accessible and comprehensive program that combines the best of conventional cancer therapy with effective complementary interventions. It is this “whole person” approach to patient care that Dr. Block brought to the University of Illinois Integrative Medical Education program, which he established in the mid- nineties. His dedication and efforts have transformed the school’s medical education curriculum, and inspired future physicians to view integrative medicine as a truly significant component of health care.”

--L. J. Sandlow, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Academic & Educational Affairs Professor and Head, Department of Medical Education University of Illinois College of Medicine

“In Life Over Cancer, Dr. Block demonstrates his huge depth of knowledge of the comprehensive management of patients with cancer and illustrates the wealth of opportunities and choices available to them. This is a book about optimism, soundly grounded in science.”

--Stephen M. Sagar, M.D., President, Society for Integrative Oncology Associate Professor, Oncology and Medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Life Over Cancer provides countless strategies to enable the patient to regain some of the lost sense of control that a diagnosis often carries, empowering them to be a true partner in their fight for life. Dr. Block’s counsel and guidance have assisted countless medical professionals hoping to provide their own patients with a comprehensive integrative approach to care.”

--Donald I. Abrams, M.D., Chief of Hematology-Oncology, San Francisco General Hospital, Professor Clinical Medicine, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, UCSF

“How refreshing to come across this thoughtful book. . . . With the boldness of a carpe diem, this evidence- based integrative approach should serve as a wake- up call for oncologists to overcome their obsession with treating cancer as an isolated target and to pay attention to the cancer patient whose own faculties need to be harnessed as agencies to win this war.”

--Azra Raza, M.D., Director of the Myelodysplatic Syndrome Center, St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, New York, N.Y., Former Chief Hematology-Oncology of the University of Massachusetts

“Keith Block is the foremost integrative oncologist in North America. In Life Over Cancer he shares his incomparable depth of knowledge and experience with us and presents a comprehensive, scientific, and practical program for helping people with cancer effectively fight the disease.”

--Leo Galland, M.D., Author, Power Healing Director, The Foundation for Integrated Medicine

Life Over Cancer is a training manual for cancer patients, their families, cancer nurses, oncology pharmacists, and oncologists. It provides patients with insight and a series of concrete steps to help them live better and longer, despite a cancer diagnosis.”

--William J. M. Hrushesky, M.D., Senior Clinician Investigator, Medical Oncology Professor, Schools of Public Health and Medicine, University of South Carolina, WJB Dorn VA Medical Center, Columbia, South Carolina

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