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Ask Dr. Block

Vitamin C during Chemotherapy

Question: Does vitamin C therapy play a beneficial role during chemotherapy treatment?

Answer: Yes, it can. We’ve been using Vitamin C at the Block Center for some time. However, all antioxidants are affected by the individual that’s receiving it. Therefore, I don’t universally recommend Vitamin C or the use of any antioxidants during chemotherapy without first assessing a patient’s biochemical terrain, their diet and their lifestyle. Some research has suggested that single nutrient antioxidants can convert to a pro-oxidant in a patient whose biochemical terrain is oxidatively stressed. In addition, a synthetic compound versus a natural compound – natural being the way a nutrient is found in nature – has not shown to provide the same potential value as natural compounds.

Thus, we carefully asses a patient’s condition and do a thorough medical workup before prescribing any treatment plan or recommend the use of any antioxidants and/or supplements.